#LoveDandGHour- Food and Drink in D&G





The next #LoveDandG hour on Twitter will be on Thursday 30th May between 9-10pm and the theme is Food and Drink Tourism in D&G.  Food tourism is something that our region naturally excels at and we thought it was the perfect time to celebrate the coming together of our region’s two biggest economic sectors.

This week’s #LoveDandG hour questions are based on the five pillars within the Food Tourism Scotland Action Plan, the national strategy to unlock the potential of this £1bn growth opportunity. You can read more about Food Tourism Scotland here: https://scottishtourismalliance.co.uk/food-tourism/

Q1 Pillar 1: Sustainable Local Supply Chains.  Where do you love that has great local and / or sustainable sourcing in D&G? What do you love about it? #LoveDandG #FoodTourismScotland

Q2 Pillar 2: Quality Products & Experiences. What are D&G’s top quality food tourism products and experiences?  Any on your bucket list?  #LoveDandG #FoodTourismScotland

Q3 Pillar 3: Storytelling.  Tell us a story about a product, food heritage, a person or food tourism experience in D&G? #LoveDandG #FoodTourismScotland

Q4 Pillar 4: Skilled & Vibrant Workforce. Where have you experienced outstanding service or exceptional craftsmanship in D&G? #LoveDandG #FoodTourismScotland

Q5 Pillar 5: Innovative Collaboration.  What events are happening across Dumfries and Galloway in June? And what food tourism events are coming up later in the year? #LoveDandG #FoodTourismScotland

Q6  Share with us your favourite photos or videos of food and drink in D&G #LoveDandG #FoodTourismScotland