#LoveDandG Hour-Summer fun and activities in D&G for kids and families


#LoveDandGHour Thursday 27th June

Theme- Summer fun and activities in D&G for kids and families.

The school summer holidays will soon be upon us so it is time to think about all of the fantastic summer activities that are happening right across Dumfries and Galloway.  We are delighted to have Louise from Kidding Around Solway (@KiddingAroundHQ) as our co host this evening.

Do you live in Southern Scotland or run a business in Dumfries and Galloway ?  If you do we would love for you to join in the hour and help to promote what there is to see and do in Dumfries and Galloway.  We would also like to highlight any events that are happening across Dumfries and Galloway throughout July so if you have an event organised or know of any events planned then let us know and we will promote them during #LoveDandG Hour.

How to get involved!

Simply join us on Twitter on the night and get involved in answering the questions below and tag all your tweets with the hashtag #LoveDandG.

Also when answering include A1 at the start of your tweet to answer question 1 etc, thanks.

So pop the date in your diary and the questions for the hour are listed below!


9.00pm Q1       D&G has some wonderful family friendly places to visit and celebrate over the Summer months. From museums to play centers and farm parks. Where is your favourite and which offers best value-for money?  #LoveDandG

9.10pm Q2       We are hoping for a warm Summer like last year and with our beautiful Solway coast it’s a great time to head to the beach. Which is your favourite family friendly beach? #LoveDandG

9:20pm Q3    Where is your favourite hidden gem to visit with your family in D&G that you’d like to share? #LoveDandG

9:30pm Q4        What are the best things to do in D&G with young people on a rainy day? #LoveDandG

9.40pm Q5       What events are happening across D&G in July? #LoveDandG

9.50pm Q6        Please share your photos/videos of how you like to spend your summer holidays with your family in D&G.  #LoveDandG

Remember to include A1 and #LoveDandG in your answer to question 1 and A2 to answer question 2 etc, thanks.