#LoveDandG Hour- Remembrance in D&G



How you can get involved?

Simply join us on Twitter on the night and get involved in answering the questions below and tag all your tweets with the hashtag #LoveDandG

Also when answering include A1 at the start of your tweet to answer question 1 etc, thanks.

So pop the date in your diary and the questions for the hour are listed below!

Remembrance in D&G

9.00pm Q1       November 2018 marks 100 years since the end of WW1.  What sites in D  and G  do you visit that have strong links with WW1 or WW2 ? #LoveDandG

9.10pm Q2         What churches or religious buildings do you think should be a must see when you visit D and G?#LoveDandG

9.20pm Q3        Are there any specific remembrance services or events happening across D&G this year to mark the end of WW1?#LoveDandG

9.30pm Q4          What places in The Region are perfect for quiet contemplation and getting away from it? #LoveDandG

9.40pm Q5          What events are happening across Dumfries and Galloway this November? #LoveDandG

9.50pm Q6        Share your videos & photos of your travels from around D&G this month . #LoveDandG

Remember to include A1 and #LoveDandG in your answer to question 1 etc, thanks.